We are now on Dlive

So recently I’ve been checking out dlive.tv a streaming platform that uses cryptocurrency called lino for donations and subscriptions, This garners a very donation orientated community as streamers are paid in lino and viewers also can earn lino by watching & interacting with the community and streams. I started checking this out when my mates JoshBaked & LTZonda (The SC Founders) Jumped over

I have been on there a while but only since mid-January became more active on there and started streaming consistently, We have managed to gain 200 followers on there, There current requirements for partnership

I am now happy to announce I will be streaming to Dlive Exclusively, for the time being, However, i will still be spending time on mixer just not as a streamer as I have a lot of good friends on mixer aswell as i still run the StreamersConnected Mixer Team

While I’ve been on there i have interacted with the Dlive community and meet some awesome people, (Who I’d recommend you go drop a follow)

The only issue I’ve had with Dlive is the lack of API and Development documentation as i would love to work on some project such as being SteveBot to dlive, While there is no API i have tried my best to create things that could be useful for streams such as creating the @DliveRetweets Twitter account.

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