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Why networking is so important as a streamer

Networking is great for bringing in new viewers to your channels. Networking

Teams and Communities

The best way to network, in my opinion, is joining teams and communities if the platform you are on supports it. It’s good to join a team I would recommend trying to Join a pre-established team at the beginning such as Streamers Connected (that’s the team I use and am a developer for) but there were many other teams. Just remember it’s a team and as a team member you should seek to help others succeed, by hang out in their streams and helping to promote them, this has many advantages to it, one being they will most likely return the support and help promote you, you can do this by doing some simple things like sharing out there stream adding them to your autohost, Just give them a heads up you’ve done this. Also try not to make it all about using each other in your team, have fun, play games and have conversations with them try to make a memorable moment for them.

on Twitch, you can be on 1 team and 3 communities and on Mixer, you can be on 3 teams.

Talk to other streamers

Look for other streamers with similar interests that doesn’t have to much of a number difference between them and you, if they are looking for people to play with jump at the opportunity to play with them even try to join them in voice as this gives them and their audience a chance to get to know you and some may check you out.


One of my regular viewers was a viewer of Bumblethefox when I jumped in voice with her and a couple of her friends well she drew art so this doesn’t just applied to gamers


AutoHosting is great for promoting others channels when you are not live and will host there stream on your channel. You can add and sort through a list of Streamers that you will host automatically when you’re not live and they are, Twitch give you the option of adding people of your team to you AutoHost automatically if no one on your list is live


So that’s a rap you’re about to end your stream but wait another great thing to do is raiding, this is where before you end up you tell your viewers to go to another channel and say something and they might be inclined to give you a shout out or jump in your stream the next time you are live.

Social Media

One way to network is to use social media platforms as a promotion tool and do it with as many platforms as possible. Use a Facebook page, a Twitter, Instagram, Google plus if you’re a gamer you can also use services like, FragDNA and even discord. Make sure to follow people that relate to your interested and interact with them.

Taking advantage of Discord, there are a lot of discord’s out there with great communities of other streamers and viewers and a few will have chats dedicated to promotion which you can use to promote yourself and your brand but I would not recommend only being there for promotion, get involved with other channels and have discussions with others on there get to know people and let them get to know you.


I'll do a part 2 of things you should not do well networking

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