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This is a page full of the random stuff i’ve been instrested into enouth to write about.


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My Socials

My Socials

Social Platforms 

Twitter: @IGSteven_
Facebook: @sc.igsteven
Discord: @IGSteven#8158
Alt Discord: @IGSteven#3455
LinkedIN: @IGSteven
Instagram: @Streamers_Steven
PlayerMe: @IGSteven 
FragDNA: @IGSteven (waiting change to @Steve)
Gamers Core: 🛡 Steve
Steam: IGSteven
Epic Games: IGSteven
Chess.com: IGSteven
Streaming Sites
Main Mixer: IGSteven (Game Streams)
Alt Mixer: Steve (Test/Developement Streams) 
Twitch: IGSteven (no streams)
My Emails Accounts
Personal: me@IGSteven.com
StreamersConnected: IGSteven@StreamersConnected.tv 

If you to contact me quickly fell free to call me on 07725 764490

Other Stuff

Admin Developer for Streamers Connected: Discord, Twitter, Facebook

Section Moderator for Gamers Core: Fortnite

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