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This is a page full of the random stuff i’ve been instrested into enouth to write about.

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We are now on Dlive

We are now on Dlive

So recently I’ve been checking out dlive.tv a streaming platform that uses cryptocurrency called lino for donations and subscriptions, This garners a very donation orientated community as streamers are paid in lino and viewers also can earn lino by watching & interacting with the community and streams. I started checking this out when my mates JoshBaked & LTZonda (The SC Founders) Jumped over

I have been on there a while but only since mid-January became more active on there and started streaming consistently, We have managed to gain 200 followers on there, There current requirements for partnership

I am now happy to announce I will be streaming to Dlive Exclusively, for the time being, However, i will still be spending time on mixer just not as a streamer as I have a lot of good friends on mixer aswell as i still run the StreamersConnected Mixer Team

While I’ve been on there i have interacted with the Dlive community and meet some awesome people, (Who I’d recommend you go drop a follow)

The only issue I’ve had with Dlive is the lack of API and Development documentation as i would love to work on some project such as being SteveBot to dlive, While there is no API i have tried my best to create things that could be useful for streams such as creating the @DliveRetweets Twitter account.

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Merry Christmas n Happy new year

I’d like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and new year

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Wee project – XKG RADIO

Wee project – XKG RADIO

1So myself and a few buddies have been working on setting up an online radio recently, Getting the website developed, Icecast, a custom API and a list of previously played songs
We don’t have a domain for it yet currently sitting under an IP address atm but we did set up a discord.

Just making this posts since I’m after people to join and help us setup

Website: https://xkgradio.com
Discord: https://discord.gg/XjvbnDE
Twitter: https://twitter.com/xKGLtd

Discord Music Bot: https://discordapp.com/oauth2/authorize?client_id=504166007460331521&scope=bot&permissions=314497

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My Socials

My Socials

Social Platforms 

Twitter: @IGSteven_
Facebook: @sc.igsteven
Discord: @IGSteven#8158
Alt Discord: @IGSteven#3455
LinkedIN: @IGSteven
Instagram: @Streamers_Steven
PlayerMe: @IGSteven 
FragDNA: @IGSteven (waiting change to @Steve)
Gamers Core: 🛡 Steve
Steam: IGSteven
Epic Games: IGSteven
Chess.com: IGSteven
Streaming Sites
Main Mixer: IGSteven (Game Streams)
Alt Mixer: Steve (Test/Developement Streams) 
Twitch: IGSteven (no streams)
My Emails Accounts
Personal: me@IGSteven.com
StreamersConnected: IGSteven@StreamersConnected.tv 

If you to contact me quickly fell free to call me on 07725 764490

Other Stuff

Admin Developer for Streamers Connected: Discord, Twitter, Facebook

Section Moderator for Gamers Core: Fortnite

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