Sites update/upgrade

Just a quick post talking about update and hardware upgrades on this website and other websites I maintain.

So over the last week, I’ve updated the sites theme and upgrading the hardware the websites run on, the websites are not longer hosted on a contabo ( vps but now on a vps on my own dedicated server witch I rent from UKServers (

The website is now also running on cPanel instead of just apache making the site much easier to maintain, and the site looks to be loading alot faster

Stats for nerds

Dedicated Servers Specifications

100mb uplink

32GB of ddr3 ram

8 cores + hyperthreading – 3.20 gigahertz

4gb of ram – 2 standalone drive and 2 in raid 1

Running XenServer

cPanel/WHM virtual machine

500GB raid storage

4GB of ram with another 4GB shared reserved


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