Month: July 2018

Find me at MCM Comic Con Manchester

Find me at MCM Comic Con Manchester

I will be at MCM Comic Con Manchester on both days with the guys over at Streamers Connected, Chilling at the booth having fun with some of you awesome streamers

May see about streaming fortnite while i’m there

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My Socials

My Socials

Social Platforms 

Twitter: @IGSteven_
Facebook: @sc.igsteven
Discord: @IGSteven#8158
Alt Discord: @IGSteven#3455
LinkedIN: @IGSteven
Instagram: @Streamers_Steven
PlayerMe: @IGSteven 
FragDNA: @IGSteven (waiting change to @Steve)
Gamers Core: 🛡 Steve
Steam: IGSteven
Epic Games: IGSteven IGSteven
Streaming Sites
Main Mixer: IGSteven (Game Streams)
Alt Mixer: Steve (Test/Developement Streams) 
Twitch: IGSteven (no streams)
My Emails Accounts

If you to contact me quickly fell free to call me on 07725 764490

Other Stuff

Admin Developer for Streamers Connected: Discord, Twitter, Facebook

Section Moderator for Gamers Core: Fortnite

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