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Why networking is so important as a streamer

Networking is great for bringing in new viewers to your channels. Networking

Teams and Communities

The best way to network, in my opinion, is joining teams and communities if the platform you are on supports it. It’s good to join a team I would recommend trying to Join a pre-established team at the beginning such as Streamers Connected (that’s the team I use and am a developer for) but there were many other teams...

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New Social media platform for gamers (Closed Beta)

Hey Gamers,

Recently I’ve was shown a new Social media platform for gamers called FragDNA which is currently in Closed Beta.

I’ve checked it out and it seems to have potential to become the next big platform for gamers to socialize. It’s got a Twitter vibe to it. but for games.

Well, we’ve  been testing it BabyTwenty found a bug where his profile page kept erroring out and they were very quick to fix the issue.

I’ve been told they will add a  Facebook styled reactions such as like, love, angry icons later this week. I just hope they add a dislike button. cause I want to dislike Cheesecakess memes.

fragdna twitter banner

if you would like to check out FragDNA click here and check it out.

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