Badatgaming is one of my first projects I started in 2013 with Joshua W (Zecron). It was my first attempt of making a group of streamers with little knowledge of networking or how the business side of things work.

My original abisions where very self centered, with it mainly revolving around me I later change this to be more about being a team and community based around helping each other grow with

  • adding everyone to our website.
  • Making promotion channels on discord.
  • having a auto retweet bot on Twitter.
  • Creating tools for streamers

This project has been a massive learning experience for me in meny fealds including business, marketing, using third party APIs and oauth and quite a few other very useful things.

Although this is not much of a successful project I’ve tried to keep it up and running as well as condently trying to improve even if I’ve made mistakes.

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